Four Ways to Teach Your Child About Nature

Posted on May 29, 2019 : Posted in Family Time & Holidays, Parenting Tips

When you encourage a love of nature in your small child, you give them a lifelong gift. Studying nature promotes health, connection, and a sense of adventure. Also, research shows that exposure to ideas and activities at a young age makes it far more likely that children will continue to value them. With this in mind, it is never too early to begin to teach your child about nature. Even if you live in an urban area, there are small creatures, growing plants, and other natural wonders to explore together. You don’t need a science degree to experience nature with your child. In fact, it’s a very simple thing to do. Here are four ways to teach your child about the magical world around them.

Read Together

Reading with your child has many different benefits including future literacy, the development of social skills, and growing imagination. However, the books you choose to read together present a host of other opportunities as well. Next time you visit your local library or bookstore, look for children’s books about nature and the way it works. There is a wide range of books available that explores topics like weather, plant growth, animals, the seasons, and so many more. Reading these books together is a natural way to teach your child about nature. Even better, use these books as a launching point for more discovery, either through more books or hands-on learning.


Nature contains endless opportunities for exploration. Whether you take a nature walk and talk about what you see, create a nature-inspired art project, or cook with unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, you will be experiencing nature in a new way. In addition to at-home exploration, take advantage of local opportunities. For instance, the Georgia Aquarium is an excellent place to learn about aquatic animals and habitats. Alternatively, take a trip out to Stone Mountain and enjoy the nature trails and Environmental Education Center. Whichever way you decide to explore, set a slow pace and make room for your child to experience in their own way. You’ll be amazed by what they notice and remember from these times!

Watch Documentaries

Why not use family movie night to also teach your child about nature? There is an abundance of high-quality nature documentaries available, both online and in your local library. Depending on your child’s sensitivity, beware documentaries that show predator animals chasing their prey. There are alternatives that include features on migration, unusual species, and remote habitats around the world. PBS has its own streaming service with many excellent options, such as American Spring Live and NATURE. After you watch the films together, be sure to explore the topics further through books from your local library.


When you’ve read, watched, and experienced a variety of natural wonders close to home, it might be time to give back somehow! While it can be hard to find time to volunteer, many organizations are flexible and allow you to commit to as little as an hour a month. Nature-based volunteering ranges from animal shelters to community gardens and neighborhood trash clean up. In each instance, you help your community while also gaining opportunities to teach your child about nature.

Nature offers so many opportunities for learning and growth. Simply being outdoors with your child and observing the world together creates perfect moments to teach your child about nature. And by teaching them, you also encourage them to pursue learning and adventure on their own, throughout their life. If you are looking for childcare that encourages curiosity and a love of nature, consider Legacy Academy Simpsonville. Call or visit today for more information.