New Year with small children

Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year with Small Children

Posted on December 26, 2018 : Posted in Family Time & Holidays, Parenting Tips
New Year with small children

New Year’s Eve as a parent is worlds apart from the late-night bashes of your former life. Now, instead of getting all dressed up for a night out, you may be looking forward to getting into comfortable clothes and enjoying a quiet night in. Regardless of your idea of a good time, there are lots of fun ways to ring in the new year with small children. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination.

Go Out on the Town

Many local attractions offer kid-friendly versions of the traditional New Year’s countdown celebration. LEGOLAND Discovery Center counts down for a balloon drop at noon. Stone Mountain includes New Year’s festivities after their traditional Christmas fireworks, beginning at 9 PM. The Children’s Museum of Atlanta’s “Bubble Bash” includes countdowns at noon and 3:30 PM. The Fernbank Museum also hosts a “Noon Year’s Eve” party that includes lots of family-friendly celebration. Just plan to purchase tickets to these events as soon as possible, as they fill up quickly.

Hourly Balloon Pop

One benefit of staying at home on New Year’s Eve is the ability to set your own schedule. If your child can only manage to stay awake until 8 o’clock, that becomes your New Year! While your home won’t have a ball dropping at the top of the hour, there are fun alternatives. For example, write four or five fun family activities on small slips of paper. These could include making cookies, playing a game, watching a short movie, reading some favorite books, or going on a moonlit walk. Place each slip inside of a balloon and inflate it. Then, as the clock strikes each hour leading up to your family’s “New Year,” pop a balloon and do the fun activity you find inside. This activity is extremely flexible and could be done all day if you desire.

Movie Night (With Lots of Treats!)

Family movie nights are a great way to spend an evening. A New Year’s Eve movie night could be made extra special with snacks, sleeping bags on the living room floor, or friends visiting to share the fun. Maybe you could even watch the movie by firelight! For special eats, make your own Chex mix, cookies, or popcorn. You can also include fun drinks like sparkling grape juice or cider. Glow sticks add to the ambiance when you turn off the lights. Choose a family favorite to watch or try something new, then snuggle in to enjoy the evening together.

Game Night

Depending on the size of your crowd and the age of your children, a game night can mean many different things. With older children, games like charades and Pictionary will bring lots of laughs. If your children are younger, try games like Simon Says, Chutes and Ladders, or a simple scavenger hunt. If you decide on games geared toward older children and adults, younger children are often pleased to be on a team with older siblings or a parent.

You may not plan to celebrate as the clock strikes midnight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ring in the new year with small children. With some simple preparation and a slight shift in your timeline, your family can make great New Year’s Eve memories together. Whether you choose to go out or decide to stay home, your children will love spending time with you making memories. Are you interested in childcare at a facility where the staff supports your family and encourages these sweet moments together? Consider Legacy Academy Simpsonville. Call or visit today to learn more.