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Kid-Friendly Homemade Gifts to Give This Holiday

Posted on November 28, 2018 : Posted in Family Time & Holidays, Parenting Tips

Kid-friendly homemade gifts

Holiday gift-giving is a joyous tradition, and kids love to participate. At the same time, children don’t typically understand the finer points of shopping for others. And buying gifts for everyone you know and love can add up pretty quickly. That’s why homemade gifts are such a great solution for households with children. Your children have the opportunity to participate in the creation of the gift, and you are able to give more since the budget tends to be lower. Of course, it’s unlikely that anyone on your list wants a few popsicle sticks glued into an unidentifiable shape. For that reason, we’ve compiled a few options for kid-friendly homemade gifts that will also be truly beautiful and worth giving.

Relief Paintings

This is a great idea for even the smallest of artists, assuming you don’t mind scrubbing paint off of little hands. Simply place masking tape or painters tape on a canvas in whatever shape you choose, then allow your child to paint over the tape. You could place the tape in the shape of an initial, a silhouette, or something more abstract. Whatever you choose, once your child’s paint has dried, simply peel off the tape to see your chosen shape unpainted beneath. This project has the benefit of leaving much of the process up to your child. You can choose your desired palette or let your child pick. Regardless, the final product will be unique and lovely. For the best results, be sure that paint goes over each edge of the tape (and that the tape doesn’t roll up during painting).

Fingerprint Photo Frames

If you’re looking for a little less mess but still like the idea of kid-friendly homemade gifts, try making fingerprint photo frames. This would even work for your newest additions if you are very careful and wash their finger carefully. Choose a white photo frame and paints in the colors of Christmas lights: red, blue, green, yellow, etc. Then paint one of your child’s fingertips in each color. Begin pressing your child’s fingertips onto the frame, one by one, alternating colors and spacing them slightly apart. This effect works best if you alternate the direction the fingerprints are facing. Once the paint is dry, connect the “Christmas lights” with a black paint marker, making it look like a real string of lights. You can leave the top or bottom of the frame clear to write “Christmas 2018” or another message of your choosing. Then add a photo of your child and your gift is ready to give!

Treats in a Jar

Everyone knows those deliciously layered jars that show up at the holidays. In fact, the options are really endless. Cookie mixes, soup mixes, hot chocolate kits, and more. Even better, you can find all of the recipes you need online. Simply search for “mix in a jar” and you’ll find plenty of options. This is certainly a gift your child can assist you with, though it will require careful supervision. A day in the kitchen measuring ingredients and filling jars while listening to Christmas music could be a wonderful holiday tradition. Once all the jars are full, just tie on a tag with directions for use and your gifts are ready to give!

Personalized Tote Bags

Typically, people want gifts that they can really use. Only so many photo frames and pieces of artwork can be put in one house. Personalized items often make kid-friendly homemade gifts while also allowing the receiver to get lots of use out of what you give them. One great option is a personalized tote bag. You can buy plain tote bags at almost any department or craft store. With your child’s help, you can paint, stamp, or draw on them to your heart’s desire. Be sure you get fabric-friendly paints so that the tote can be washed. This would be a great way to use a monogram. As an alternative, you can get stamps of your loved one’s initial or something that reminds you of them and then dip it in fabric paint to stamp a pattern on the bag. Your bag then goes from plain to a keepsake that can be used just about anywhere.

Helping your child create kid-friendly homemade gifts takes extra effort, but it also teaches your child the joy of giving and thinking of others during the holidays. Additionally, it’s great for the budget and the friends and family who receive your gifts will be thrilled. Your child will love being creative and generous at the same time. Are you looking for childcare that supports your child’s artistic side while also encouraging such traits as generosity and selflessness? Please consider Legacy Academy Simpsonville. Call or stop by today.